In Spain we highlight areas like Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella and Valencia, because they are the cities chosen by Chinese citizens to buy housing in Spain. Highlighting mainly Valencia because it is the Spanish city that has shown a better valuation among Chinese buyers.

Spain has a good services and a good life quality that is better than others countries, and the prices are prices are below the European average, improving the purchasing power of Chinese families who can come to live here.

We must also emphasize that Spain has facilities to obtain Spanish nationality, since we have a law that grants a residence permit, also called "Golden visa" for those investors who have properties with an investment equal to or greater than 500,000 € in the country.

But this is not all, Spain is also a real power in health tourism. It is a sector in constant growth that already invoices 500 million euros per year. Foreign tourists, mainly Arabs, Russians and Chinese come to Spain to receive health care.

The preferred sectors in Spain for Chinese investors are the real estate, hotel and food industries. For example the HNA company controls 29,5% of the hotel chain NH Hotels or that Miquel Alimentación was acquired by Bright Foods for 110 million. But there are more, The Chinese giant Fosun bought 20% of Osborne group. Although the most charismatic investor has been the magnate Wang Jianlin. Through his company Wanda was made with 20% of Atletico Madrid because the soccer sector is another attractive market to invest in Spain. Also Another sector that interests is the aeronautics industry where recently China Aviation Industry Corporation, (AVIC), has announced the Aritex purchase, technological company of the Spanish company Comsa.