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VIVANKA INMOBILIARIA gives the opportunity to all those clients who want to invest in Spain or abroad, to reach maximum profitability. We face all kinds of challenges that are faced from a totally integral perspective. We are prepared to instruct, guide and advise a company in the development of top-class international business teams; In the end the client will be able to carry out the operations by themselves. We help you identify the best investment opportunities in the world's most relevant markets and to achieve this, our team follows you through the whole process, from defining the strategy to executing it, it can be a sale, an acquisition or a recapitalization.

In addition, our relationship with real estate investors, both national and international, allows us to have relationships throughout the world and in all types of markets, giving our customers the possibility to invest in various sectors such as: hotels, residential houses, restaurants, buildings, airlines, shopping malls, nurseries or luxury cars.

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In the same way, VIVANKA INMOBILIARIA also advises proprietary clients who want to sell their assets, carrying out structured sales processes that give the possibility of guaranteeing the execution and always maximizing the price.