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The Spanish Government, in order to attract foreign investment from non-EU investors, has facilitated the procedures for applying a visas for the stay and residence of those investors in Spain, and with it, to be able to transit through the Schengen zone, formed by 26 countries. Such investment may be in real estate (minimum € 500,000), Spanish companies shares, deposits in Spanish banks or Investment Funds, Closed Investment Funds or Private Equity Funds constituted in Spain (minimum investment of € 1,000,000) or f Spanish Public Debt acquisition (minimum 2,000,000 €). The investment must be in cash.

golden visa tb

Golden Visa is a residence permit that facilitates the entry and stay in Spain of non-EU investors. Golden Visa allows you to reside and work in Spain, as well as travel in Europe, moving freely through the Schengen area without having to apply for other visas.

  • Travel throughout Europe
  • You don´t have to apply for a visa for each country of destination within the Schengen area
  • You can renew your permit indefinitely 
  • For you and your immediate family

Check our website for investment possibilities offered by VIVANKA INMOBILIARIA. All the investments we offer comply with those requirements that are paramount and important to us; quality, price, revaluation and profitability.

Spain is a country with many investment possibilities and our professionals team will be at your disposal at all times both to receive you personally and to provide you with all the comforts and make the client feel at home during their stay, referring to their daily life.

VIVANKA INMOBILIARIA will advise you on the investment type that best fits your needs, will manage your residence permit and inform you of all economic, legal and fiscal aspects.